The Little Books - written by Little people!



Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased to introduce our company Grosvenor House Publishing and an exciting new initiative we have recently launched called The Little Book series, especially for schools across the UK.

Every Little Book is unique to your school with all of the stories or poems written by your own pupils. The Little Books initiative combines three major benefits; creating a desire to write in junior school, building the pupils self-confidence when they see their own words in print and the books themselves being an effective fund-raising tool for the school.

The Little Book initiative was created whereby GHP would try and help

every schoolchild in the country who loved writing, become a published

author in their own right.  We believe GHP can help every school develop

a best seller - who knows maybe your school could produce the next

G.P.Taylor or Fay Weldon!

Our Little Book series is endorsed by one of our directors, G. P. Taylor,

the best-seller author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood and Tersias.

Graham has written an endorsement that will be printed on the back of every school book (click here to see an example) and will mention your school’s name, encouraging the parents of the children to support this project.

A  further benefit offered by this project is the possibility of using the book as a fund-raising platform for your school - there is even a page at the front of every book for you to place an advertisement - this could be paid for by a local company wishing to sponsor your book.


Grosvenor House Publishing is a Self Publishing company specifically aimed
at new authors who wish to transform their manuscript into a book and
publish it themselves.  

Grosvenor House Publishing was originally set up by two authors, Kim
Cross and Jason Kosbab who had become frustrated with the traditional
mainstream publishing system. Soon after starting GHP, they met best selling
children’s author
G.P.Taylor and after witnessing GHP’s efforts to help new authors get published, Graham soon became a director of GHP. If you visit you can even read what renowned author Fay Weldon has to say about GHP.  


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