The Little Books - written by Little people!



This unique book of stories can contain short stories, poems,

writing competition winners, school holiday journals etc - you choose,

its your school’s book - all written by your pupils.

Your book materials can be submitted typed as one Word file or your

pupils could use our template to handwrite their stories or poems

which we will then scan in and publish. There is now the option of

using a unique and exclusive upload module which will allow your
students to submit their work online.

The book is 5 x 8 inches - a typical paperback size. It has a full

colour cover (you can choose from one of our many templates on

this page) and black print inside. You can fill it with up to 96 pages

of text for your school which is approx 16,000 words.

There is a page at the front of the book if you’d like to place a

sponsor’s advert - maybe a local business would like to sponsor it?

This could make the book free for your school and allow you to

maximise your profits on each book. The choice is yours.

Every book is professionally typeset by a human being! We do not ask you to layout the book or typeset your book - minimal time and hassle for you!

From sign-off of your book, you will receive the copies within 10 days.

FREE stickers for every child - never underestimate the power of stickers!
‘I am a published author’ stickers are given out free with every Little Book. Click the sticker >  

Choose 3 ways to submit your material to us; simply upload via our website, post us your material or allow the pupils to write their stories online, via our unique online module. Click here to see examples

Read some of our unsolicited testimonials - hundreds of schools have now produced their own Little Book.

Free resources to help you and your school create a Little Book.

Over 50 professionally designed book covers for you to chose from or you can provide your own designed cover. Click here to see them.

The Little Books is a new initiative that we are proud to be the first to offer all schoolchildren the chance to become a real published author. A fantastic way to inspire children to write and read and also a great way to fund raise for your school. The price per book is just £5.00, and your school can choose it’s own ‘retail’ price. The Little Books make great gifts and keepsakes for parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents!

Go to our fundraising page and see how much your school could raise.

Every child can become a published author!

Why not get your pupils to write poems, short stories, a book of recipes, a book of writing, detective stories - the list can go on and on!

£150 for 30 books plus P&P - that’s all!

We do not tie you in with any book club or schemes - that’s all we do - books!

If your child's school is making a
Little Book of Stories, please contact us for resources to give you ideas and help you make you Little Book of Stories easy to handle!

We have designed
3 unique and simple steps to submit your pupil’s stories to us. Either email them, post them or let the children use our unique online book module, also great for IT skills!

We have worked in conjunction with many local authorities, charities and community organisations. Why not have your school book re-branded by them?

Why not have a sponsor page in your
Little Book? Maybe a local business or a family from the school would like to sponsor a page in your Little Book? One advert could pay for your Little Books - the rest is total profit for your school.

Contact us
If you would like to find out more about our unique Little Books, please call
01483 24 34 50 or email us from our contact page.

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