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“She walks, talks, dances her stories - a uniquely exuberant storyteller”

Cassandra has danced her stories around the world from Barbados to Borneo, in and out of schools, around festivals and forests, into the depths of the jungle and onto the roof of the world.

Vividly visually and physically expressive, she interweaves elements of theatre circus and dance, to create storytelling performances that transcend the barriers between people and language.

A highly acclaimed teacher and trainer, she uses storytelling as a catalyst - to enhance communication, creativity and collaboration in children, to bring people together to build communities, to campaign for cultural and environmental preservation, to challenge discrimination and the influence of organised crime.

She has worked with disabled people, arts, health and environmental agencies, social services and children in care. Previous clients include: The British Council, The Arts Council of Singapore, Queensland Library Service, Friends of the Earth UK.

Tremendous insight into the art of storytelling and the power of the teller.