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An Evening with Vasalisa is a shamanic journey into the depths of soul, a meditative workshop based on the sublime Russian tale.

Testimonials: “Those who value the tradition of storytelling can admire a craftsman at work. David may scare, revolt, make you laugh and make you think, all in the space of one story, but he always leaves you wanting more. We have been delighted to welcome him many times at the Fairford Festival.”

“ .. the children were really engaged.” (St. Luke’s Primary School) “He had the children tip-toeing around and pretending to fly .. the children thoroughly enjoyed the day.” (Ellington Primary School)

“David’s storytelling was a highlight of the dance camp for my family. Not just the wonderfully unfamiliar folk tales he has magically unearthed, but the mesmerising way he brings them to life, drawing the audience in with song and dance and plenty of laughter. A real treat.” (Oxford Dance Camp)