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Can we add pictures to our Little Book?

Yes you can.  However, this will incur an additional cost as it involves extra typesetting to be done.  Please contact us for a quote.

Can we design our own cover?

Yes.  You will need to scan in the design required at a high resolution and attach this file separately when uploading your book materials.  This will incur an additional charge of £35 for the extra typesetting.

What happens if our Little Book exceeds the 96 page limit?

We will advise you if your book goes over the 96 page limit when we send you the first proof.  You will then have the option of removing some of the content or printing the extra pages at an additional cost of 50p per book plus 1p per page.

Can we replace G.P. Taylor’s and Fay Weldon’s endorsements with something of our own?

Yes.  You will need to type up the required wording and upload this as a separate file when submitting your book materials.  

How many words are there per page?

This is very difficult to answer as it will depend on the type of content.  For example,  there will be more words per page for straight text than for poems or jokes.  As a guide, we suggest that work on 160 words per page.  To see the sample book on our website click here

Can we use another font in our Little Book?

Our standard font is Papyrus 12 but you can use any font that you like.  You will need to stipulate this in the ‘Notes’ field of the ‘Upload Files’ form when submitting your materials.

We are not sure how many copies we will need.  Can we order more at a later date?

You certainly can.  There is a minimum initial order of 30 books.  If you would like to order more at a later date, just send an email to with the quantity required.  You will then be sent an invoice and your order will be placed as soon as payment has been received.  Your books will be delivered within 3 working days of your order being placed.

Do we need to use a particular font or format when typing our stories?

No.  You can submit your stories in any font type or size.  Our typesetters will then convert your materials to the standard font and format.

Do we need to include Contents pages?

Yes.  You will need to include Contents pages at the beginning of your document.  These should contain the title of the work with the author’s name alongside.  You do not need to include page numbers as these will be added as the book is typeset.

Will you send instructions on how to upload the book materials via your website?

Yes.  These are sent to you automatically on receipt of your first payment.

Can we include a Foreword in our Little Book?

Yes.  Just type this into your Word document where you would like it positioned and this will be included.

What do I do if I want to place an order?

The first thing to do is complete and fax back an Order Form.  If you don’t have one, please follow this link to print a copy - CLICK HERE.

As soon as this is received, we will fax back a counter-signed copy and an invoice.  As soon as payment has been received, we will email an acknowledgement along with full instructions on how to upload your book materials via our website.

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