The Little Books - written by Little people!



The task of fund-raising is always a necessity in schools and to find a new and effective tool can be quite difficult. So often the items used to raise funds from parents are of little intrinsic value and do nothing to help the children’s education. Our Little Books aim to meet these two basic requirements.
To stimulate a child to want to write creatively at an early age can set their imaginations on a wonderful road that could effect how they view learning for the rest of their lives. We all thrive on encouragement and what could be more encouraging than to see your own story or poem published in a real paperback book!

The value to the child of such an initiative is immeasurable. The value to the child’s parents and grandparents can be equally as great. What parent (or grandparent) wouldn’t want to encourage their children in such an endeavour? Also, to have a copy of their child’s first foray into creative writing, especially when that story or poem is printed in a high quality paperback book, will be treasured for years to come.

Our Little Books are a fund-raising product that the parents will really want to buy. Below are some examples of how the Little Books can be used to raise significant funds for your school and because each year can produce a Little Book of their own, the potential is enormous.

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We can also add a ‘Sponsor’s page’ at the beginning of each book so if a parent’s company or a local supply company is interested in supporting your school they can be advertised in every book thereby increasing the revenue.

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