The Little Books - written by Little people!



We are pleased to offer your school a unique book of short stories and/or poems, all written by your pupils, of up to 96 pages (approx 16,000 words) and including your own full colour paperback cover for a highly competitive price of £5.00 per copy. Your school’s total commitment is to order and pay for our minimum order of just 30 copies for a price of £150.00 plus £9.50 p&p totalling just £159.50.

Your school could then sell them to the parents and relatives of the children and use it as a platform for fund-raising. Why not encourage your children to enter a writing competition, a poem competition or even an end of year review book - the ideas are endless.  

The pricing of our Little Books is;

100 - 199  


£5 per book

£4.50 per book

£4 per book

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