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Rona Barbour

Casandra Wye

David England

A Professional International Storyteller, Scottish and from a long line of Storytellers. Writes own works or tells traditional tales. Equally at ease with under fives, adults, schools or hosting major events.

“She walks, talks, dances her stories - a uniquely exuberant storyteller”

Cassandra has danced her stories around the world from Barbados to Borneo, in and out of schools, around festivals and forests, into the depths of the jungle and onto the roof of the world.

I offer stories which make my  heart sing, hoping they’ll make your heart sing too. I enjoy telling stories which make me laugh, which I know can captivate an audience, which touch the soul. Here are examples:

The centrepiece of my  Wild Swans gig is an immensely powerful story of a young woman’s rite of passage.

Mark has over 9 years experience as a professional storyteller. Always a lover of stories he came to performing through working as a children’s librarian and has a lot of experience with children and literacy. In 2003 he was made a “Reading Champion” by the National Literacy Association. He has worked extensively in primary and secondary schools including a running a storytelling club at Addington High School in Croydon.

Mark Bedford

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Terrie Howey is a professional performance storyteller, whose love of  telling tales stems from a young age. Having trained and worked in  theatre for over 16yrs and storytelling for 6yrs, she combines her  skills in both areas to create magical bespoke performances and  workshops for all ages and abilities. She is at home when in front of an audience and happy to perform in almost any situation.

Terrie Howey

Terrie Howey

Richard is a professional storyteller and writer who works in over 150 schools museums and libraries a year throughout the UK from the Imperial War Museum Manchester to Idea Store London, from small rural schools to the largest in England. Learning his craft from traditional Romany storytellers Richard blends the old and new producing and telling new unique, original stories, workshops, books and plays for children of all ages and key stages. He is the co-founder of 'Bring a Story to School week'

Richard O’Neill

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Sharon Jacksties

Sharon has been a professional storyteller for both children and adults for 20 years.
Her repertoire encompasses traditional stories from all over the world and she is happy to compile programmes reflecting specific interests for school curricula or museums. A fluent French speaker, Sharon tells stories in French as a participatory introduction to the language.

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