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Please read some of the many comments from a selection of schools that have had a Little Book of Stories published for their school.

Brindishe School

“I took a pile of books into the staff room yesterday, only because I was on my way to classes with them, and left them on a chair while I grabbed a coffee. One by one teachers picked them up (uninvited!) and after a round of gasps, sat down to read in silence through most of break time. After about ten minutes they began to quietly share their favourite poems. It was magical.

The children were very excited, amazed, and proud of themselves. Year 4 made me do a 20 minute reading ("Another one! Another one!"). Year 5 clapped the poems of theirs I read. Year 3 stayed in ten minutes over the start of lunch listening to selected poems from their group. Year 2 were sweet, excited, abashed. The younger children were a mixture of excitement and bemusement. It all seemed a bit unreal to them, I think. Year 6 were suitably cool when I took the books into class, but instantly grabbed the library copies when I left. I saw a group of four reading poems to each other in the afternoon. . . . . .

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Hampshire Collegiate School

“The books were a great success – thanks. The quality is excellent and I had lots of positive comments. We gave each child who featured in it a copy and they are very proud of their achievements. I’d like to produce a poetry version next year and include more children in it now I know how the system works!     Christina

Clowne Junior chool

“Tamsin, they look absolutely fabulous and the children will be thrilled when they are given out! I am currently gathering orders as we speak & and I will be sending you the figures some time next week. Thank you so much for all of your help- you really have made the process a lot easier this means a great deal when you are working in school and your day is so frantic! I would highly recommend you and your company!”  Emma

Durston House

“They arrived and have been snapped up!!! They are going down a storm, as you can see by the orders. Typically the younger boys’ story book is more popular because the parents are more involved with the school. Six copies are travelling to Aruba tomorrow, several to Goa, and many to India. You are a world class publisher!!!”  Gillian

Pitcoudie Primary School

“Little Book of Stores have arrived and are wonderful !   thank you very much.”   Marlene

Palace Fields School

“Tamsin - The books are fantastic - so much so we would like to order more! Would this be possible? We are so pleased with the quality and the ease of contact with you has also been perfect!” Thanks again, Jennie.

Dallow Primary School

“We are all in love with the books which arrived yesterday. Everyone has commented on the how wonderful the books are. Many expecting them to be 'poor quality books, done on the cheap' were particularly surprised at just how good/professional the books are (and then wondered how you could be making a profit!) Our Local Educational Authority has requested a copy of our book in order to help them sell the idea of publishing with your company to many other schools within their jurisdiction.

Thanks so much for all the work that has gone into producing the books and the extremely quick turn around. Everything has been better than we had expected.”  Mathew

Smallwood Manor

“The books have arrived and they are fabulous! All of the staff are very impressed. We plan to give them away to our children on their Leaver's Day - as a farewell gift, and as there are some spare pages at the back, we intend to allow them to sign each other's book of memories, which will be lovely for them. Our head would like to order 50 more copies please. Thank you for all of your help over the last few weeks.”  Sally

Byron Court School

“The books arrived the day after you emailed me, and were received with much enthusiasm and awe by children, parents and teachers alike. It was a professional end product and a thoroughly enjoyable process throughout. The children whose work was included were all so bowled over to see their names in print in "an actual book" (as one child so wonderfully put it). Thanks for all your help and advice!      Jonathan

Thorngumbald Primary School

“We received our package of books today - it was very exciting! We all think they are really fantastic: it was really great that they arrived today, because although they are leaving presents for the Y6 children so they are not getting them until the end of term, one of our Y6 pupils left today to have a kidney transplant, so won't be back in our school. It was so lovely to be able to present her with her copy as she left. We have been so impressed by the level of service we have received from you - it was amazing to get the books so soon, and they are a super idea: a quality gift to treasure. Many thanks for all your hard work and efficiency - we shall definitely do this next year too.” Kind regards Jill

Bishop Parker Catholic School

“All received. They look great and are getting rave reviews from the staff. We shall be sending letters to parents so that they may place orders - I'm hoping that we need to order quite a few more from you within the next 2 weeks. I shall be in touch, thanks” Tristan

The Royal School

“The books are wonderful! Thank you so much! If we want to order more - some of the parents seem interested in getting more. Many thanks” Kate

Naima JPS School

“Thank you so much for our lovely 'Little Book of Stories'  the children and parents are so proud! I have had a couple of parents wanting a few more copies of the Little book of Stories, can I please order another 20 books? Thank you very much, it has been a most successful scheme! I am so pleased to have taken part in this.” Shannon

Cippenham Junior School

“Just to confirm, we have received the books and they are absolutely fantastic.  We will be launching them next week ” Steve  

Brodetsky Primary School

“Absolutely wonderful is the response. Thank you so much. The Year 6 teachers and the HT have seen them, but not the children. They will be delighted at their leavers assembly at the end of July. Thanks once again”.  Elana

Snowsfields Primary School

“We have received our little books and love them! I can't wait to see the kid's faces when we give them out. We will definitely use you again next year! Thanks”  Laura

Vaughan First and Middle School

“Have received the books. They are fab!!!! Will definitely be ordering more but need to get letters out to parents first.

Thanks for all your hard work. Will be in contact soon”. Karen

Garstang St. Thomas School

“Karen and the head are very impressed.  The books look great, thank you so much.  They are a leaving present for the children and they will get them at the leavers' service in church in July.” Thanks again David

Bishops Nympton School

“We have received the books already in good order. We are delighted with the quality and speed of service.The children are very excited to be published!”  Richard

Brindishe School

“Tamsin - the books have arrived and we are thrilled with them. They look fantastic. The quality is great, and it will be very valuable for the children to see their work in such a professional format.  We haven't shown the kids yet - still deciding how to market further copies - but they should see them by the end of the week and I know there will be much excitement. Once again, many thanks. You've done a fantastic job,” Kate

Grange Infants School

“Thank you Tamsin. Our books arrived safely and are lovely. We would like to order 50 more please”  


Baines Endowed School

“Thank you so much for the books. The staff and pupils love them” Gill

Thorley Hill Primary School

“Just to let you know that the books have arrived; thankyou! Initial comments from staff are very positive and the children are very excited.  I will place another order with you this week. Many thanks”  Philippa

Dallow Primary School

“Due to VERY popular demand, we have sold out of all of the books which we ordered. We would like to order 120 more if it is at all possible. Thanks Mathew

Fairfield Junior School

“The cover looks fantastic!  This is a really big event for a school like ours and I'm really excited now I have had a preview of the finished product - thank you so much and please convey my thanks to your typesetting team!  I guess you are used to hearing comments like this, but I am very sincere. Thanks again”  Helen

Hounslow Town School

“Thank you we have received the books and they look fantastic. Can you please send me another order form as we want to take part in this scheme again in the autumn term” Pav

Warter CE Primary School

“We have had the book deliveries, they look fantastic! We are very pleased with the end product and cannot wait to see the whole school community interest. Thank you very much.” Charlotte

St. Mary's Ruabon School

“Books received safely and Staff and pupils are thrilled with the end product. We will no doubt be contacting you with an order for extra copies soon. Many thanks”  Berwyn

Scholes first & nursery

“Thank you for the book it arrived safely and we are really thrilled with it. We are holding a book launch on Friday 20th June so parents can come and have a look at the book and the children will be reading passages from the book.  Thank  you again very much.”

Parkside Infant School

“We have received the books this morning and we are very pleased with them. Can we order another 70 books please”


The Hammond Primary School

“The children and parents thought they were such a super idea and so nicely presented we will defiantly like to do this again in the future. Once I had given them out it encouraged the children to sit and read all the stories in the book.

One child was so excited they saw their name in print then announced to everybody they were famous! Thank you once again for all your hard work.”   Sandra  

Ysgol Bethel School

“The books have arrived!! The children and staff are thrilled. We are holding a business and enterprise day early December and I plant to ask the local press to come to school to give us some publicity! I will let you know how it goes. Many thanks for your help.”  Dylan

Palace Fields Scool

“They arrived - and look fantastic! I can't wait to show the children! Thank you again for all your hard work!”  Jennie  

Oxley Primary School

“The books were received today.  i would like to thank you for your excellent service and quality books.  The children are really proud of their achievement and I hope to organise more book projects in the future!”   Jeanette

Finton House School

“We have now received the first 100 books and we love them! It has been a long slog from both your end and ours but we are really pleased with the result! Other members of staff have much admired it and we are looking forward to showing it to parents for taking orders”  Many thanks, Caroline and Kate

The English Martyrs School

“Just a quick email to thank you for all your hard work. As promised, the books arrived in time for the end of term and the children (and parents!) were thrilled to see the results of their hard work. Despite the number of books we ordered, only a handful are left and they are going fast! Thank you again and best wishes” Cathy  - Literacy Coordinator

Barfield School

“We received the books yesterday and they look absolutely fantastic. I am so pleased with them so thank you very much” Katherine

Willaston Primary School

“Good news - I sent off some of our poems to the Chester literature festival poetry competition and we have won the shield for the best overall entry by a primary school - to be presented by Andrew Motion, no less! Now you know what you inspired us to Best wishes”  Pat

Durley Primary School

I just wanted to say a big thank you for our books. They were fantastic. The children and parents loved them, we were so pleased we did the project!!  Thanks again”   Rachel

Fairlop Primary School

“I have just opened the box containing our published book which is fantastic, so a huge thank you for all your hard work”

Thanks, Deborah

Groombridge St Thomas School

The book is wonderful ! Thank you. Almost sold out of the first delivery !”  Angela

Seal Primary School

The books have arrived and they look wonderful! I really appreciate your help in putting the order through quickly and we are absolutely delighted with the results :o)”   Naomi

Greenside Primary School

Thanks for the books . They look great! Can I order 30 more copies!” Regards Ian

The Willaston Primary School

“Just to let you know that our book has arrived in school. I am really pleased with the way it looks, and I shall settle down to read it at leisure tonight - as if I have not read it enough times already! Thank you so much for all your support. I shall be in touch with an order when the parents have seen copies”    Pat

Curwen Primary School

“Thank you so much the books came just in time... Thank you for all your hard work, we the teachers and the children are very impressed with results and are looking forward to working with you again in the future. My head teacher is extremely happy with the result and in September will be ordering further copies for the school and other members of staff. Thanks again” Vivienne

Crowland Primary School

“We received 30 of the books last week and they're wonderful! Thanks and it's been great working with you. Thank you for everything you did for us. I will definitely recommend using GHP again to next year's Y6 teachers. Sorry to have been a tricky customer!  Jess

Duncow Primary School

“Just to say that the first box of 30 books has arrived safe and sound and looking very good!”

Oxley Primary School

“We recently received our order of books.  They are really fab and I would like to thank you for your great service.” Jeanette

Woodbridge Primary

“They have arrived! Children very pleased and staff who have seen them impressed. Many thanks.”


Wickhambreaux School

“Just to let you know we have received our Little Book of Poems - all teachers and TAs alike are in agreement that this is a fabulous book and we are sure it will be well received by the parents.  Many thanks for you help during this project.  It is an exciting way of inspiring the children to write and giving them the encouragement and drive they need to be successful authors.”   Kind Regards, Emma

Chappel Primary School

“Just wanted to thank you to you and the company for the Little Book of Stories & Poems you produced for us. They looked fantastic (note use of past tense - they've all gone!) and the children and their parents thought they were wonderful. We are hoping to make the book an annual event - showcasing some of the children's best work. We are a small village school, and with no history of publishing our children's work, this was seen as a real 'first'. Expect to hear from us next year! Once again, our thanks to all concerned - not least for the extremely fast turn-around time. Full marks!”  Richard

Trinity First School

“I have just received the books - they are wonderful. I really thrilled with them. I have shown them to my colleagues who will have next years leavers and they think it's a lovely idea and are keen to do it for their classes. I have been so impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the book.” Elaine

Bannockburn School

“Books have arrived and the children are 'well impressed!'  We are in the process of finding out how many more copies we might need”   Liz

Elwick Hall School

“Books received today....all as ordered. The kids are over the moon! Thanks for all the hard work.” M Willis

Palace Fields School

“YIPPEE!  Our books arrived today and they are fantastic!  Our new headteacher is so pleased that he telephoned our local bookshop and local press so that we can promote our children's work to everyone on the island.  

I'm not sure as yet how many more copies we will need, but I will let you know as soon as I do.  Monday is a bank holiday for the island, but I'll get onto it as soon as I can. Thank you so much.”  Helen  

Woolton Junior School

“Just to let you know that our Dragon's Den for Liverpool Schools went really well - all of the 19 judges loved the recipe book and lots of comments were made about how professional it was! Many thanks - this meant a lot to the children involved and the judges represented some great companies -local and national -therefore we thought you would like to know! We came 5th out of 19!

Also, we sold many books therefore would like to order another 100 copies please.”  Kim

Thurstonland Endowed School

“Our Little Books arrived this morning and WE LOVE THEM!  That’s just the staff feedback at the moment.  We are keeping them a surprise from the children at the moment as they are Year 5 leavers presents.  Once they have left us we will sell the others to the younger children.  We will let you know what the children/parents think in due course but thank you so much for our lovely, professional books.”  Debbie / Edwina

Navigation Primary  School

“Just wanted to let you know our little books have arrived and they look great! I have placed them in the head's room so I am not tempted to show the children until we give them out!!! Thank you for hurrying the process for us.”  Michelle

Seend Primary School

“Tamsin, The books have arrived safely and appear to be all present and correct. We are absolutely delighted with the books and with the efficiency and friendliness of your service. I have already recommended Little Books to a number of colleagues in other schools, and we will almost certainly ask you to produce another book for us next year. I am sure that this prospect will inspire the children to write some fantastic stories and poems throughout the coming year.”  Richard

Camelsdale First School

“They have arrived and they are absolutely lovely... I am so glad we put the original writing in ...superb and so professional to see their names in print!! Thank you. We shall promote tonight so be prepared for the rush!!”  Sue

Naima JPS

“I LOVE the books, they look gorgeous! I can't wait to show them to the parents and children and thank you so much for all the e-mails. Thanks again.”  Shannon.

Durston House School

“That’s me, of course, with the Headmaster opening the box of books, the Head having cut the ribbon. We did a big, exciting launch with drum roll, then announced, for the first time, which boys were ‘in’. They then came to get their ‘Published author’ badges and sat at signing tables to autograph the other boys’ copies. It was all great fun!  PS  Everyone’s asking if we’re going to do poems next year........!   Gillian

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The Dymchurch Primary School

“How exciting that you have written your own book! I do hope you enjoyed writing your stories. When I write I scribble everything in a notebook first, then I type it out on the computer, changing parts as I go, and then send it to the publisher. It sounds like you have done the same.

I hope you all have a wonderful time at the launch party. You should all feel very proud of yourselves.

Love from Jacqueline Wilson

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